Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Easy assignment format

Writing papers can prove to be a daunting task especially if you do not know where to begin. So you now already have a probable topic to write on and you are stranded about the format to use. This happens to many students and you are not alone. Most assignments take on one common structure. Get different types of assignment essays here
  • Section 1- Introduction. This is an important part of your assignment because it offers the first impression. You must explain what your assignment is going to be about in this segment. If possible you can use a strong quote to make your introduction more pleasant.
  • Section 2 - Body. This is the section that describes your topic in detail. You will need to have enough information concerning the topic so as to write this section. It is advisable to make this section informative and keep it interesting. Use formal language and apt vocabulary to express your ideas.
  • Section 3 – Conclusion. This section entails conclusive remarks concerning the topic in question. You will need to sum up what has been addressed in the body and re-emphasize the introduction. When writing this segment, it is best to avoid any new ideas and only lay emphasis on what has already been spoken about.
Although this is the common easy assignment format, there are certain assignments that take on a different format. For instance there are essays which will begin with the conclusion. Such assignments require you to build up the essay from the back and they will still have the body explaining events and circumstances. However, they may have or lack the introduction. Such assignments might also lack an introduction altogether.
When writing papers, students are advised to pay keen attention to the instructions given. The easy assignment format may not apply to all the assignments. Research papers for example may have more requirements and its structure may differ from what is used in an essay.
In case your instructor gives you specific instructions and structure for writing papers then it is best to follow those. Where you are unsure it is better to consult with the instructor rather than do your own work and later on fail in your paper.

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