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Writing Assignments Using the Easy Assignment Format

Easy Assignment Format
When you are asked to write assignments, essays or reports, what is usually tested is your ability to think critically, your ability to solve problems and your ability to communicate. Nonetheless, your presentation skills will also be called to question and this is why when writing papers, the essay assignment format is equally important.
Many times when you are given an assignment, the essay assignment format might be specified. There are times however when you will be required to choose a format for writing your essay. While you can use different formats for writing papers, it is essential that you work with the directions and standard procedures of the format that you are applying to your assignment. For more essay assignment formats and samples click this link.
It is important for students to be cognizant with the fact that they can only use one essay assignment format during the whole assignment and this means that they must be keenly aware of the fundamentals of that format. Always stick to the format that you have always used for your previous assignment unless otherwise stated for any new essays. Some topics however will necessitate the use of a specific format.
The MLA format is used mostly for humanities and liberal arts essays and the APA format is used in most cases for social science subjects. The Harvard style format is another style that is used in writing papers of different categories.
APA Format
The APA format for writing of essay assignments contains four parts as follows:-
  • The cover which is also known as the title page.
  • The abstract or the concept.
  • The body of the essay.
  • The references or the citations.
MLA Format
  • This is the format that is most often used in which double spacing is applied.
  • Times New Roman or Ariel are used as the fonts and the font size is usually 12.
  • This format has also been given the name parenthetical citation style because it gives essay writers the opportunity to credit their sources through parenthetical citation in the quoted works page. The page will be lodged at the essay’s end.
Harvard Style Format
This style format is also known as the author date referencing format. This means that you have to provide the following in your in text citation
  • Name of author.
  • Page number.
  • Publication of the year of your sources.
You can also use the title of your work in the event that you are unable to give the names of the writer. It is mandatory that you provide your list of references at the end of your writing assignment.
If you are still unsure of the essay assignment format that you should use while writing papers for your assignments, you can purchase an essay online or get a few samples to look at so that you get help with your essays.

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